Thanks for submitting to the Literary Awards. The winners will be announced on May 31, 3-5pm at the Blue Mountain Center in Blue Mountain Lake. The public is welcome to attend this lovely event celebrating the authors and publishers in our region.


We're looking for submissions of fiction, poetry, children's literature, memoir, non-fiction and photography published any time in 2014.

The ACW Literary Awards is a way to honor the writers and publishers who live and work (even part time) in the North Country. Submissions don't have to be Adionrdack themed, though they can be. If you live here and published this past year, please send in 2 copies for consideration before March 9th. For the second year we will accept submission of feature articles. Print, online or radio publications may submit ONE feature each -- the best and most accurate reporting of the year. We don't accept blogs, opinion or how-to pieces. 

Publications, not writers, should submit feature articles. Articles do not have to have Adirondack content but the publication must be based in the North Country. For online journals, the editor/publisher must reside in the region.

Please attach a cover letter with complete contact information and the genre in which you will enter your submission. A genre-specific panel of judges will read each submission. We'll announce winners at an awards ceremony at Blue Mountain Center, where we'll also decide our popular "People's Choice Award."

Send work to:

ACW PO Box 956
Saranac Lake, NY 12983

In 2006, ACW established the Adirondack Literary Awards as a way to honor the writers and publishers who live and work (even part time) in the North Country. Every year we select winners from fiction, non-fiction, children's literature, memoir, edited collections, feature articles and poetry. Join us on June 1 at the beautiful Blue Mountain Center, which donates space and resources for this festive event.

And this year's winners are....

for Best Children’s Book: Lost by LeeAnne Baker.  

This year there were two fiction prizes, one for best for short story collections and one for best novel. The award for Best Short Story Collection went to The Hypothetical Girl by Elizabeth Cohen, and the prize for Best Novel went to Jamie Sheffield for Here Be Monsters.   

Best Memoir went to Wet Socks by Carol Gregson.

The Best Book of Edited Collections in Nonfiction went to North Country Reflections/Adirondack Reflections edited by Neal Burdick and Maurice Kenny.

The Best Book of General Nonfiction went to Out of the Blue; Blueline Essays 1979-1989 by Alice Wolf Gilborn.

The Best Book of Poetry went to Paul Pines for New Orleans Variations & Paris Ouroboros.

The Best Featured Article went to "A Phone Call and a Thank You Just in Time" by Chris Knight, published by Adirondack Daily Enterprise

For the first time the People’s Choice Award was tied, winners were Never a Dull Moment; A Tapestry of Scenes & Stories from an Adirondack Medical Practice by Daniel Way, M.D.  and Race to Incarcerate by Sabrina Jones and Marc Mauer.

ACW is very proud of the judges for the Adirondack Literary Award; they are careful and dedicated readers. The judges are:

Fiction:  Bibi Wein and Jerry McGovern

Nonfiction and memoir: Ellen Rocco and Joseph Bruchac

Poetry: Roger Mitchell and Stuart Bartow

Children's Literature: Ellen Wilcox and Nancy Beattie

Featured Articles: Rick Brooks (from the Wall St Journal) and Michael Corkery (from the New York Times) 

The complete list of this year's submissions: 


  • The Resilient Woman by Patricia O'Gorman, PhD published by HCI Books
  • North Country Reflections/Adirondack Reflections Edited by Neal Burdick and Maurice Kenny published by The History Press
  • Killing in the Kuyahoora Valley by Lawrence Gooley published by Bloated Toe Publishing
  • Garden Gourmet by Yvona Fast published by Bloated Toe Publishing
  • Invoking Animal Magic; A Guide for the Pagan Priestess by Hearth Moon Rising published by Moon Books
  • The Allure of the Deep Woods; Backbacking the Northville-Placid Trail by Walt McLaughlin published by North Country Books
  • Out of the Blue; Blueline Essays 1979-1989 by Alice Wolf Gilborn published by Potsdam College Press
  • SAW Project edited by Nora Nellis, published by East Side Center
  • The Adirondack Heart by John Radigan
  • Never a Dull Moment; A Tapestry of Scenes & Stories from an Adirondack Medical Practice by Daniel Way, M.D.  published by Indian Lake Press
  • Race to Incarcerate by Sabrina Jones and Marc Mauer, published by The New Press
  • When Men and Mountains Meet by Glenn Pearsall published by Pyramid Publishing


  • An Unconventional Childhood; Growing up in the Catskills During the 1950s and 1960s by Marilyn Mayes Kaltenborn
  • Life at 12 College Rd by Eric Mondschein, published by Something Or Other Publishing
  • Finding My Way to Moose River Farm; Living with Animals in the Adirondacks by Anne Phinney
  • Wet Socks by Carol Gregson published by Bloated Toe Publishing
  • The Famous Nada; A Meditation on History and Celebrity by Luis L. Tijerina published by RA Press
  • A Million Miles from Home by Jeanne Selander Miller, published by Pebble Path Printing


  • Among Friends; A Quaker Boy at the Battle of Plattsburgh by Stephen Woodruff, published by North Country Books
  • Adirondack Mouse and the Great Storyteller by Irene Uttendorfsky published by Thornapple Creek Books
  • Pukeweed Soup by JoAnn Flammer, published by Lone Loon Press
  • Adirondack Kids #13: The Carousel Case, The Bicycle Race & The Blackfly Guy by Justin and Gary VanRiper, published by Adirondack Kids Press
  • Gabrielle and the Dream Potato by George Bryjak, published by Myopic Moose Press 
  • The Misty Peaks of Dentarus by Thomas Jones published by Peakaboo Pepper Books
  • Lost by LeeAnne Baker
  • The Little Book in the Field by Jim Goff, published by Trafford Publishing
  • Being A Boy by Jeffrey Kelly, published by Creative Bloc Press


  • The New Kid by Jean Arleen Breed published by Bloated Toe Publishing
  • 69 Seconds: Poetry in Time's Need by Christopher Buerkett, published by Hungry Bear Publishing
  • Adirondack Paper Girl: An Anthology of Poetry by Jean Arleen Breed, published by Alva Press 
  • Doubly Sweet For the Strange by Sean Tierney, published by RA Press
  • Your Earth Killing Me by Shane Rooney, published by RA Press
  • The Creek by Justin Grimbol, published by RA Press
  • What the Trees Said by Elizabeth Cohen, published by Split Oak Press
  • Door of Thin Skins by Shira Dentz, published by CavanKerry Press
  • New Orleans Variations & Paris Ouroboros by Paul Pines, published by Dos Madres  


  • The Hypothetical Girl by Elizabeth Cohen, published by Other Press
  • A Cold and Lonely Place by Sara J. Henry, published by Crown Publishers
  • The Golden Eagles by Dave Donohue, published by RA Press
  • Conquering the Wild by Gail Huntley, published by Bookstand Publishing
  • In All The Wrong Places by Patrick Egan
  • The Adirondack Cannon Mystery by Kathleen Curry
  • Here Be Monsters by Jamie Sheffield, published by Smart Pig
  • Forever Wild by Tony Holtzman , published by Cloud Splitter Press
  • The Second Intelligent Species by Dale Langlois
  • Fenced with Iron by Sean Tierney, published by RA Press
  • The Ruby Seat by Joe Rector, published by Koehler Books
  • Temple of the Sphinx by Dave Donohue, published by RA Press
  • Adirondack August by Kay Benedict Sgarlata
  • Lady of Yaddo: The Gilded Age Memoir of Katrina Trask by Lynn Esmay, published by French Mountain Press
  • The River's Tale by Michael Virtanen, published by Lost Pond Press


  • "A Phone Call and a Thank You Just in Time" by Chris Knight, published by Adirondack Daily Enterprise
  • "Death on the River" by Joseph Connelly, published by Adirondack Life Magazine
  • "Twelve Years A Slave: North Country Native Solomon Northup" by David Fiske, published by The New York History Blog
  • "Adirondack Art: OK Slip Falls Inspiration" by Sandra Hildreth, published by Adirondack Almanack
  • "First They Came for the Frogs..." an interview with Elizabeth Kolbert on her book, The Sixth Extinction by Fred Balzac published by the Lake Champlain Weekly
  • "The Long Goodbye" by Meg Hagerty published The Post Star